Print is Dead! Long Live Print?

Surviving the Digital Media Storm . . .

Jordan Kurzweil of’s news reporting section dealt with a tough issue on Feb. 25th: when are traditional news reporting venues going to realize that the move to digital is here for the long haul?


Kurzweil has a distinguished career in the digital medium: “Jordan Kurzweil is Co-CEO of Independent Content, an agency that helps media companies launch new digital products and businesses. Prior to starting Independent Content Jordan worked at AOL running original programming, and News Corp bringing its traditional brands to digital.”


He knows the field. And he’s given nine very useful tips on how traditional news reporting mediums can move forward in today’s digital environment.


This ties in nicely with Vadim Lavrusik‘s article on, “The Future of Social media in Journalism,” on September 13, 2010. Lavrusik delivers several instances where a traditional news reporter needs to rethink how he/she gathers, processes and delivers the news. In particular, citizen journalism is now a key factor in reporting the news, and journalists would be well-advised to incorporate their audiences as both reporting sources and consumers of news.


A new technological “fad” currently sweeping the markets is the astonishing rise of tablet use amongst media consumers. Doug Drinkwater reported on in an article entitled, “The 8 industries and professions most rapidly impacted by tablets,” dated Feb. 25, 2012, that tablets are becoming the new wave of media reporting instruments for both reporters and citizen journalists.


“Tablets are not just a great way for journalists to keep on top of stories using productivity-enhancing apps like Evernote or Dropbox. They are also a great way to expand coverage and reputation worldwide.”


Traditional print media would be well-advised to take note of the new tablet craze and adjust their digital media accordingly, from both a news reporting standpoint and their consumers’ predilections.  And developing a useable “app” for their digital media on tablets would be one step in the right direction.



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