What’s Wrong With This Coverage?

Publishing Industry Up in Arms


The Publishing Industry is undergoing a radical change in its business model, and many booksellers and publishers are feeling the pinch. In particular is the oncoming tsunami created by Amazon.com in its bid to become the leading publisher and seller of both print books and e-books. The big question everyone is asking is: is Amazon playing fair?


There have been several articles over the past week or so that have come from different sources, but they are all proclaiming that Amazon is out to take over the entire publishing industry to the detriment of all others.


“From their perches in Midtown Manhattan, many publishing executives, editors and publicists view Amazon as the enemy — an adversary that, if unchecked, could threaten their industry and their livelihoods,” written by Julie Bosman of The New York Times.


Other media sources report similar stances: Patrick Stafford quoted an article from BusinessWeek entitled, “Meet the Amazon employee killing the publishing industry,” referring to Larry Kirshbaum, who is now moving forward Amazon’s strategy to become the next big publishing house.


Southern California Public Radio’s website included an article entitled “Does Amazon want to burn the book business?” There were several articles from sources such as The Globe and Mail and The Washington Post that detailed plans by Barnes & Noble and other indie book stores that are banning sales of Amazon published books in their stores as a means of protest against Amazon’s predatory manner of underselling brick and mortar stores’ prices.


While the coverage was extensive, what it lacked was Amazon.com’s viewpoint. Not one article mentioned any word of Amazon’s side of the story. In Richard Taflinger’s “The Myth of Objectivity in Journalism:
A Commentary,” he states, “[Reporters] will not only accept, but allow for and consider that no one person’s world view is the only reality. They will examine their work to be sure that prejudice, bias and a personal world view is not the one that dominates in gathering, preparing and disseminating the news.” None of the articles mentioned any attempts to interview anyone from Amazon.com. I find this an egregious oversight on the reporters’ parts.


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