Hi and welcome to the first PT Club Blog Entry in 2011. Thank you for everyone who comes to the meeting this week. I hope everybody is enjoying their 2nd week of school. Before the summary of the last meeting, there are few things that the PT Club had set up for the members.

-          Mock Interview – The PT Clubs had set up mock interviews for seniors or students who are having their interviews soon or in the spring term. If interested, please contact, Laura – Ann Chong, at chongl@onid.orst.edu at soon as possible. The mock interview is schedule on February 10th.

-          Trip to University of Puget Sound – The PT Clubs is going to University of Puget Sound to look at their Physical Therapy Program. Keep in mind that this trip is only open to active member. The trip is set on January 28th, 2011, which is a Friday. This will be a one day trip, leaving at 5:00am in Corvallis and come back after the trip. Also, we decide on car pooling, and the members who go will split the gas money. If interested, please e – mail, Courtney Barnes, barnecou@onid.orst.edu, at soon as possible.

-          Intramural Sport – Bowling – Last term, the PT Clubs play co-ed intramural flag football, and this term, the clubs plan to do bowling as our intramural sport. The goal of the intramural sport is to promote peer-to-peer relationships and allow members to interact in a fun, relaxing environment. There will be a fee of $3.00, if interested please contact, Jeff Ford at fordjef@onid.orst.edu with your name, OSU ID number, gender, and e – mail.

Some other things that the officers want to inform you about are:

-          2011 – 2012 PTAH Club Officers Interview – This year, we will be holding interviews for members who are interested in being part of the PTAH Clubs officers next year. Interview will be held this winter term. Think about which position you want to pursue. If interested, please send in resume to Courtney Barnes, barnecou@onid.orst.edu, by January 26th with the objective being which position you want to purse and reasons why you think you are perfect for the position. The interview schedule to be on February 2nd.

-          2011 – 2012 HHS Peer Advising / Ambassadors – HHS Peer Advising and Ambassadors are looking for new peer advisors and ambassadors. The peer advisors and ambassadors help in the HHS office and help students with any problem they have in classes and with their major. Students who are strong interest in supporting the advising office’s mission are encouraged to apply. The application dead line are January 31st. For more information and application, please go to http://www.hhs.oregonstate.edu/students/peer-advising.

-          2011 – 2012 HHS Undergraduate Scholarship: The HHS 2011 – 2012 Undergraduate Scholarship is accepting application right now. There are over 20 scholarships that students can apply with the amount ranging from $500 to $6000. The application is due on February 5th at Women’s Building at Room 123. There are also going to be work shop about the scholarship information holding on Wednesday January 19 and Thursday January 20 at 4 PM in Milam 218. We strongly encourage members to apply. For application and descriptions, please go to http://www.hhs.oregonstate.edu/students/scholarships.

-          Non – Profit and Volunteering Expo – There will be a Non – Profit and Volunteering Expo holding on January 28th at the MU Ballroom from 2 PM to 5 PM. There will be non – profit attended the expo to recruit volunteers, interns, and graduates, and educate Oregon State students about career options in the non – profit and public sectors. It is a good idea to attend this expo to find some volunteer experiences for your resume and graduate school. For more information, please visit http://oregonstate.edu/career/nonprofit-and-volunteer-expo-2010.

-          Leadership Conference – The OSU Students Leadership & Involvement are holding a leadership conference on February 12, 2011 from 11:00 to 4:00. Members who are applying to become officers for the club should think about attending this conference. This conference will center around the topic of self direction. There will also be drawing prizes of $1,000 scholarships for Oregon State University Students. To sign or for more information, please go to http://oregonstate.edu/sli/center-leadership-development/leadership-conference-registration.

On other news, the officers would like some feedback from members about Fall terms. Feedbacks can include what you like about the club, what you don’t like about the club, what you want to see more in the club, what can the officers do to improve the club. It can be anything. If you have feedback please comment on the blog entry on the comment section. Thank You. Also Thank you for this week guest speaking, Guido Van Ryssegem. His presentation was very helpful and useful. There will be slide of his presentation putting on the site later this week so look forward to it.

Thank You and I hope you will have a great 3 days weekend!