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Hemocyanin PDB ID: 1NOL Blue Blood? That a Hemo-SIGN-anin that you have Hemocyanin in your blood! Hemocyanin is a protein that is found in molluscs, such as snails, octopi, and crabs, and it carries oxygen just as hemoglobin does in … Continue reading

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Copper: Wilson’s Disease Protein or Hemocyanin

Wilson’s disease is a rare disorder in which too much copper accumulates in your liver, brain or organs in general. The liver is not able to filter out copper properly. I would focus Wilson copper ATPase, also known as the … Continue reading

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Aquaporin: Wat-er an amazing protein!

Aquaporin creates a channel for water molecules to pass through a membrane, so this molecules pops up when talking about osmosis. Aquaporin can be found in many organisms, from bacteria to eukaryotes and is made up of 4 identical chains.  The molecule … Continue reading

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