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May 31, 2017

GFP Model Progress

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This weekend I build the wireframe for my protein project (see left). It looks much better in person than in the picture, but still needs some added volume around the wires to give it more form. I plan to do this with silicone I got from Home Depot. Silicone is the rubber-like material that is […]

May 16, 2017

Origami revolution

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The original show has been taken down from the PBS/Nova site, but here’s a youtube capture. We’ll watch the first few minutes and then skip ahead to 20:30 where David Baker demonstrates some origami-like aspects of protein folding.

May 9, 2017

OMSI Exhibit — Must see!

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Raha is just back from visiting the Art of Brick exhibition at OMSI (in Portland).  Check it out!

May 4, 2017

Standalone 3D viewers for proteins

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The widely used pymol is available here. Highly recommended for adjusting your view as you work on your protein portraits projects.

Modeling Hemagglutinin

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The Protein: Hemagglutinin (HA), a protein involved in the viral infection process. Specifically, HA helps cells internalize the virus and eventually the viral RNA. Structure: Hemagglutinin is a trimeric transmembrane protein that extends from the surface of viruses. There are two types of chains in the enzyme, which we can call HA I and HA II. HA I (shown […]

May 3, 2017

Copper: Wilson’s Disease Protein or Hemocyanin

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Wilson’s disease is a rare disorder in which too much copper accumulates in your liver, brain or organs in general. The liver is not able to filter out copper properly. I would focus Wilson copper ATPase, also known as the Wilson’s Disease Protein. My medium would be copper wire, and I am thinking of making either […]

May 2, 2017

Let’s visit the Linus Pauling Collection

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Chris Petersen will host a tour of the collection on Tuesday of Week 8 (May 23) at 10 am.  We’ll meet at the library 5th floor (Special Collections). Read about Pauling’s discovery of the alpha helix here.  

May 1, 2017

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I have found a protein that I might use for my protein portrait.  It is 1B5L an ovine protein.  I have also attached the image of myoglobin from the home page of the site.  It is this kind of representation of the structure that I will most likely be using.  As you can see the […]

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