Found my medium: InstaMorph

Clear Worbla Rose

InstaMorph Groot Sculpture

Over the weekend, while watching youtube videos, I discovered the world of thermal plastic art! Worbla is sheet thermal plastic while InstaMorph (there are many other names for this) is pellet thermal plastic you heat in water and then mold. I started searching different applications of InstaMorph. It is used in a lot of Cosplay, but also for basic utilities for fixing mechanical devices that are broken.

InstaMorph Cosplay Mask

I wasn’t sure how feasible it would be to use it as a medium at first, but then I saw a finger splint that looks like an alpha helix! The different components, when shaped, can be reformed if more hot water is added. For my project, I will make the different secondary structure components separately, then I will reheat then to create the tertiary structure.

The medium has also made me reconsider my protein choice. Doing a transmembrane protein that is very complex will be very hard to scale correctly.

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