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April 27, 2016

The waltz

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Let’s look some more at the art and science of protein translation:                                 The waltz of polypeptides                        

April 21, 2016

Insulin depiction by Dorothy Hodgkin

Filed under: 2016 posts,Student posts @ 7:36 pm   This is a color diagram showing the crystal structure of insulin as depicted by Dorothy Hodgkin, the woman we talked about in class Wednesday. I love how much it looks like a true artwork.

April 20, 2016

Agar Art

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I have attached a few pictures from Agar Art events I helped organize this year through the Department of Microbiology (inspired by the ASM Agar Art Contest). I wanted to share them because I think it’s a really cool and unique way to combine art and science to create something amazing. The images were used to […]

Polymer Clay

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I thought this technique might be something some of you may like to try. Could be turned into something wearable such as earrings 😉

Using Protein Shapes as Outlines

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Here’s an interesting idea that people may want to consider. Rather than focus specifically on the protein and its function, we could instead find shapes in the protein structure  and use them to create drawings of things important in our lives, such as family or hobbies. Here is a blog showcasing what I mean.

Beauty of Microscopy Blog

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Mouse Hippocampus sections of thy1-GFP line I discovered a blog called the Beauty of Microscopy a while back when I wanted to find a cool science wallpaper for my computer. There are some really great images of microscopic perspectives. Confocal microscopy of plant tissue Growing Snowflake

April 19, 2016

Can the class see this post?

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I believe tomorrow is 4/20/2016

Inspiration: art that depict symmetric/circular structures

Filed under: 2016 posts,Student posts @ 9:12 pm Since there are so many people who like circular protein structures in this class, I thought I would share this link with y’all! Check out some mesmerizing kinetic sculptures designed and made by Anthony Howe. Although his work is not inspired by protein structures, I feel like he is inspired by objects that are […]

April 17, 2016

For the Crocheters and Knitters

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Check out these crocheted structures:

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