Women’s Center Inclusion. Act I. Scene I.

Hello, my name is Jessica Armstrong, the Oregon State University Women’s Center PROMISE Intern for Summer 2012.

I am attending OSU because of the immense number of undergraduate research and professional development opportunities offered. I am a member of the OSU Honors College and the College of Science as a math major. I spent the last year working at the Women’s Center as a Program Coordinator where most of my focus was on mental health promotion. I intend to finish my undergraduate math degree and look forward to applying to positive psychology master programs.

PROMISE is a program that connects OSU students with university or public agencies for a professional internship. I am grateful to have been selected and I am very excited to begin research on behalf of the Women’s Center. As the Women’s Center seeks to become the most inclusive space it can be, my job is to research other four-year university Women’s Centers to find out how they approach inclusivity.

I will utilize both qualitative and content analysis as my methods of research. First, I will read about other Women’s Centers across the country via their websites and any published material they provide, gathering data as I go. I will be looking at their mission statements, programming, populations served, and needs assessments that they have conducted. Second, I will contact Women’s Center Directors, Program Coordinators, and student staff and interviewing them about their outlook and approaches to inclusivity.

Beginning my year at the Women's Center

I hope to compile a report of inclusion practices at other universities, create a standard of excellence, compare the OSU Women’s Center to this standard, and create a three year action plan to implement inclusive practices.

My mathematics background as a Math major and Soil Science minor has already prepared me to look at quantitative data, so I am excited to have the chance for professional and scholastic development working with qualitative research. It will be interesting to see how I can use my mathematical perspective to organize and categorize my research findings.

As the summer progresses I anticipate that I will feel challenged and fulfilled by my work and satisfied to see our PROMISE cohort become a welcoming and close-knit group.


Board of Commissioners


I am Kat. This year will be my final year at Oregon State University. I am a double major in Political Science and Psychology. In my tenure at OSU, I have been a Senator for the Associated Students of Oregon State Uiversity and the Secretary and Vice-President for the Pre-Law Society. After college, I plan in going to law school.

My project for the Benton County Commissioners office is to take an inventory of all significant services and the partnership agencies that Benton County offers. In the coming weeks, I will be meeting with all the department heads to gather the inventory data. By the end of this internship, I will be very well known in Benton County. Last week, I made appointments with the Assessors office, the Fairgrounds  and Human Resources. I was also steadily emailing and answering questions that Sheriff Simpson had. I read a multitude of agreements that Benton county has with different agencies, cities, counties and organizations. I think I am going to become an expert in county government soon.

My project will be presented in front of the Board of Commisioners on th first Tuesday in August.

A Whirlwind Week

Hello, my name is Genevie Guevara. I am an Earth Sciences major, with an Earth Systems option, on a Marine Sciences track. My ideal job would to be doing research on the effects that geologic processes have on marine ecosystems. I am really happy that I was able to get an internship with Oregon Sea Grant and Oregon Master Naturalist Program, both of these programs are related, directly and indirectly towards my main goal.


I am happy to be working with Jason O’Brien and Megan Kleibacker. Both have me working on very similar projects. FOr Megan I am working on going through text material and seeing what High School students would be most likely to read and compiling a rough draft for a twelve week class for the Coos Bay High School Watershed Council. For Jason, I am contacting instructors, that are going to be presenting for an 8-10 week course for the Oregon Master Naturalist Program, and getting (or trying to get) materials to put in a handbook/text-like form for participants. I am also working on little odds and ends for both Jason and Megan, such as coming up with activities and organizing volunteer schedules for da Vinci Days, and looking at and criticizing websites.


As I look in and reflect on last week I am able to see adjustments that I have made, both physically and mentally.  In the past week, I have read more text material on Wetlands than I have in my two full years here at OSU. I am really looking forward to seeing both of the major projects I am working on come together by the end of this ten week period.

First Week of PROMISE

Hey everybody!

My name is Joe Briden and I am doing my PROMISE internship at Intercultural Student Services (ISS) located in Kerr A150 Administration Building.  I just graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelors degree in Anthropology.


I have been currently tabling at the START sessions in the MU commons to let the students know about our resources at ISS, Diversity Development and the Cross Cultural Mentoring program. I am also working on several projects which include research on incarcerated youth mentoring programs and multicultural bridge programs.

I have also begun planning on the Multicultural CONNECT Dinner and week that ISS plans each year for the new and incoming Freshman and Transfer students.

Along with these projects I’m working on I will also be attending some high school and middle school camps with the 4H youth development programs. The first camp is set for this Thursday and I am very excited! I enjoy working with other students and being a leader as well as a mentor for them.

If anybody is in the area of Kerr Admin Building ISS, please feel free to come visit me! I’m usually in the office between 9am and 1pm!


Summer at the OSU Center for Leadership Development

Hi everyone my name is James Thomas and this summer I’m a PROMISE intern at the Center for Leadership Development (CLD) here at OSU. I am going into my 2nd full time year at Oregon State University and am a Bio Resource Research major with an option in Bioinformatics and minors in Leadership and Chemistry.

I previously attended Chemeketa Community College and Scottsdale Community College and received a Certificate in Hospitality Management while completing most of my Bachelorette Core classes.

Being at the CLD this summer is a nice fit as I have participated in workshops and retreats at the CLD in past year, which included the Student Development Seminar in Menucha, the Art of Leadership Conference, the Strengths Passport, and “Contemporary Questions?”.

It has been a great learning experience and I have already met several new faculty and students. The main focus of my internship surrounds a new leadership pathways program, which I am sure I will discuss with the PROMISE interns at some point. I am challenged to develop a marketing strategy for the new program, design pamphlets and informative flyers, and create material that will be given to participants and coaches in the program. Of course I have some excellent help along the way.

This internship draws on my sales background in the way that I am constantly communicating with other individuals about a new product. I enjoy being on the curriculum development side of academia and am already considering looking into graduate work in higher education and leadership.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and look forward to getting to know everyone.

First Summer in Corvallis

At Venice Beach, CA "I love elephants!"

Greetings to everyone! My name is Claudia Mata and I’m a PROMISE intern for the ASOSU Office of Advocacy. I’ll be a senior at OSU this upcoming fall majoring in Psychology and doing a minor in Sociology. I was thinking of going to Law School after graduating from OSU and thought this internship would be a great fit for me. I get the opportunity to experience the work of my sponsor Patricia Lacy in working with students to help them take the necessary steps to resolve their conflicts at the university.

It’s my first summer in Corvallis and I couldn’t be any happier to be here. It might still be raining but the temperature is quite comfortable which makes the summer enjoyable. This first week went by awfully quick, with my daily routine of work, gym, and homework I have been quite busy but I’m not complaining, I feel great. I have been working on a presentation on the recent Obama Immigration Policy, which stops deporting young illegal immigrants who entered the United States as children if they meet certain requirements. The presentation will explain who are eligible, the benefits, and the limitations it has for those affected, as well as how it pertains to the DREAM Act. I will be doing this presentation at the 4-H International Camp and I decided to touch on this subject because I think that it is important to inform students on the issues that currently affect their community. Knowing that there was a halt in deportations is not enough to fully understand the significance of the policy. I truly believe that when we educate ourselves we are able to help our community and pass on valuable information.

I’m looking forward to learning new things and developing professionally from this internship as well as creating great relationships with the participants in the PROMISE program.  I hope everyone had an awesome first week and enjoys this summer to its max.

Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Student Life

My name is Sophie Wilson, and I am the PROMISE intern with Oregon State University’s Office of the Dean of Student Life. I am also a recent OSU graduate, and will be entering OSU’s College Student Services Administration Program next year with an assistantship in the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

This summer I am working on a variety of projects, with the foremost being a continuation of my work from the academic year. I had an internship with the Office of the Dean of Student Life during Spring Term,and I created videos for OSU campus resources (Dixon Recreation Center, Valley Library, Counseling & Psychological Services, Student Health Services and Office of the Dean of Student Life). As of this week they are all captioned for accessibility, posted on YouTube, and are also posted on the up and coming new Dean of Student Life website (which should go live next month). This summer I will continue making more resource videos and creating PDF “cheat sheets” for the existing videos.

Another large project I will be working on is updating the National Association of Student Personal Administrators Undergraduate Fellowship Program (NUFP) program at the OSU campus for the 2012-2013 year. NUFP is a mentoring program designed for underrepresented students interested in pursuing student affairs as a profession. I am updating a syllabus for a AHE 499 NUFP class, creating OSU-NUFP promotional material, connecting with current NUFP Scholars, and filming a NUFP informational video. For anyone interested in a future profession within student affairs and higher education please let me know, because as a NUFP alum this program has really made a difference in my life.

In short I have some exciting projects on my plate! I will also post the links to the YouTube videos soon in case anyone wants to spend a few minutes learning about some helpful campus resources.

Happy Friday!

Greetings from DD!

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain..."

Hello! My name is Michelle Lee and I will be the PROMISE Intern for Diversity Development.

I am an HDFS (Human Development and Family Sciences) Graduate with an option in Child Development and a minor in Japanese. Although my major is geared towards early childhood, my time here has helped shape my plans for the future and I hope to work in student affairs and services. For the next year I plan on interning with various institutions that work with student life before applying for the College Student Services and Administration Graduate Program. I’m also a strong advocate for students of color and minority groups to go into higher education. College opens many doors, and I believe that it’s of utmost importance to introduce and help these students gain access to a higher ed so that they too can have all the opportunities that I have had the privilege to experience.

I really enjoy getting involved and am definitely a people-person, so I hope I can use these qualities about myself in my future career path. I’ve realized that I not only work to live, but I also live to work.

The Vietnamese Student Association's 2012 Culture Show

After working for three years at the Cultural and Resource Centers, I found myself truly enjoying the environment at OSU. Working with college students and becoming a support system and a resource helped me find my passion. As a woman and first generation student of color, I also believe cultural competency and support services for students of underrepresented groups is of great importance- this is why Diversity Development appealed to me as a sponsor for the PROMISE program, so that I can better understand the work it takes to create an inclusive and diverse community

on campus, as well as the progress and challenges.

Our wonderful 2011-12 APCC Staff

In addition to working as an administrative assistant for our Graduate Assistant and Director, I plan on working with the cultural centers, and other departments to head on some projects:

– Creating a Diversity Development Database by researching previous student staff members from every Cultural Center including their position, the year and the center they worked in. This database will be used to contact DD alumni to maintain archival information, notify and contact them about special news and events (like our upcoming grand openings for the new and rebuilt cultural centers), and continue to recognize all our student leaders.

– Collaborating with Career Services to create a program that will help DD’s student leaders gain more professional development, academic support by providing students with resources, and offering help to graduating students.

– Working with Multicultural Archives to improve and launch a library system for all cultural centers in conjunction with OSU’s Valley Library to promote more utilization in the centers as well as gaining more retention.

I’ve got a lot on my plate, but I’m really looking forward to the process and getting these projects in action, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me this summer.

Its for the Children

Hello everybody. My name is Kasra Azizian but you all can call me Kaz. I am wrapping up a New Media communication degree here at Oregon State and am excited to spend my final summer here in Corvallis with the PROMISE internship. I am working with the STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Math) Academy. STEM provides summer programming for children by offering a variety of classes in those areas. We have LEGO Robotics, Video Game Design, Engineering camp and much more. Frankly, I kind of want to be in the classes with these kids. I will be working with Cathy Law, Director of STEM Academy in helping make sure the summer camps all run smoothly. The first week has consisted of a lot of getting accustomed to the programs and meeting all the lovely people here. I did get to help out at a week long overnight camp called Gear Up for middle school and high school students who have come from all over the state to not only learn about natural resources but to also see what OSU and the possibilities of college are all about. That is about all for this week! I will see you all Tuesday.

A first meeting with the IRB (Institutional Review Board)

My name is Steven Leider and I’m a graduate student in the Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) Program. My three areas of study are Women Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Adult Higher Education. My research asks what are the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) college students who seek out the assistance of their financial aid offices to replace lost familial funding when they come out, or are outed to their families and they are financially dispossessed by their parents? I met for the first time of what I am assured will probably be many such occasions with IRB Coordinator, Candi Loeb, and Administrator for IRB Compliance/VP for Research, Lisa Leventhal, both of whom were as excited about my research project as I am! Although getting IRB approval for my project won’t be a walk in the park, it doesn’t sound as bad as I expected it would be. I’m looking forward to working with both of them as well as my Committee Chair, Susan Shaw, Director of the Women Studies Program and Transitional Director of The School of Language, Culture, and Society.

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Building Connections

Interns will be forming long-lasting bonds with their supervisors and with each other as well as getting the opportunity to network with professionals in a variety of industries.

Gaining Skills

An etiquette lunch, networking practice, and a myriad of other presentations and activities from some of the best at OSU will help hone the intern's skills so that they are ready to go into professional fields after college.

Creating Memories

Going out to sea on a scientific vessel, designing a booth for DaVinci Days, creating fine cuisine made by summer camp kids, and inspecting insects for mutations: These were only a few of the many projects that interns took part in last year.