Stacy Sim

Stacy Sim is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Bioresource Research with an option in Ecosystem Sustainability. The unique aspect about this major is that it emphasizes research experience and requires a dissertation upon graduation. Stacy's marine science research interests include human dimensions of marine trophic ecology and top predator physiological responses to environmental stressors. Following her expected graduation in 2014, she anticipates going to Graduate School to pursue her research interests and she looks forward to working in a field that combines research with education and outreach.



Week 10 10 weeks, 70 days or 680 hours; that is all it takes to have an extraordinary experience and return with a different perspective and direction. I initially heard about this PROMISE internship from my extremely helpful and encouraging BioResource Research advisor, Wanda Crannell. From that first encounter to the PROMISE orientation and through […]

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Working Hard in the Finishing Stretch

Week 9 “No one ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him; it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required, that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction.” – Charles Francis Adams   This week has been extremely hectic, so having a relaxation seminar at […]

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OIMB Tour and Field Work

Week 8 As my time here at Newport draws to a close, I have many loose ends to begin tying up. Independent projects that I need to work on are analyzing the data for the GIS project and write a report, and finish the website after the last round of video interviews are conducted on […]

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Highlights of Week 7

Week 7 This has been a very exciting week for me and I would like to share the highlights of each day with you. From noon to 1 PM on Monday, I went to the second week of Andi Stephens’ “R” workshop. “R” is a free statistics program that can be used to make graphics […]

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Data Collection for the GIS Project of Yaquina Bay

Week 6 Hello! This has been an interesting Week 6 for me. My mentor, Itchung, and I started collecting data for the GIS mapping project of Yaquina Bay. While most people with standard working hours were still asleep on Wednesday, I was dressed in hip waders and armed with a GPS, camera and a stack […]

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Professional Development Day

Week 5 Firstly, I want to say that I cannot believe we are at the halfway mark of this internship! I absolutely loved spending a whole day with my PROMISE peers on Tuesday. Especially while every one is interning at or near the Oregon State University campus, I really enjoyed getting to know them better. […]

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Website Development Skills

Week 4 Taking on an internship on the coast of Oregon, the last skill that I expected to pick up is Website Development. A couple of weeks ago, my mentor assigned me to write a report on suggestions for the current Hatfield Marine Science Center Intern website. However, after completing the report, I spoke with […]

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The Path Starts to Narrow

Week 3 This week has encompassed my most, and least favorite parts of the Summer so far, and I feel that I am that much closer to narrowing the many paths toward my future career. NOAA collected approximately 1000 steelhead, chinook and coho fish for various research projects. However, with that many fish, the NOAA […]

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Opportunities Upon Opportunities

Week 2 “Opportunities multiply as they are seized” – Sun Tzu As the second week draws to a close, I am able to see further into the Summer and prepare for the opportunities ahead. I want to be able to appreciate each learning experience that I have to the fullest. The atmosphere here is one […]

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Diving into a Journey of Opportunities

Week 1 Hello! My name is Stacy Sim and I am a third year Bioresource Research major with an option in Ecosystem Sustainability. My interest is in the Marine Sciences and so getting a PROMISE internship at Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, was a wonderful accomplishment for me. Itchung Cheung is the Academic Program […]

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Building Connections

Interns will be forming long-lasting bonds with their supervisors and with each other as well as getting the opportunity to network with professionals in a variety of industries.

Gaining Skills

An etiquette lunch, networking practice, and a myriad of other presentations and activities from some of the best at OSU will help hone the intern's skills so that they are ready to go into professional fields after college.

Creating Memories

Going out to sea on a scientific vessel, designing a booth for DaVinci Days, creating fine cuisine made by summer camp kids, and inspecting insects for mutations: These were only a few of the many projects that interns took part in last year.