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Winding Down

Hello PROMiSE interns! The summer camps are done! Despite my calm, collected look, I’m sad because I made a lot of good friends this past summer. I met students from all over the age range 7-18; a lot of them were funny and cool kids to get to know. I’m glad that they get to […]

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Volunteer Recruitment

Greetings! I hope everyone’s internships are going as good as mine. As I wrap up another week and the middle school camps draw nearer, there are applications that are still coming in. As of right now the numbers are slightly lower than we expected, but we expect a wave of applicants later on. Regardless, we […]

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High School Camp: Awesome! Gearing up for Rounds 2 & 3

Hi Everyone, My name is Jorge Miranda. I am going into my third year, studying Civil Engineering, with a minor in Business & Entrepreneurship. I am one of the PROMISE interns working for Mario MagaƱa for the 4-H program. Together with Luis Rodriguez-Ruiz, we are managing the three summer camps that are being held throughout […]

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Building Connections

Interns will be forming long-lasting bonds with their supervisors and with each other as well as getting the opportunity to network with professionals in a variety of industries.

Gaining Skills

An etiquette lunch, networking practice, and a myriad of other presentations and activities from some of the best at OSU will help hone the intern's skills so that they are ready to go into professional fields after college.

Creating Memories

Going out to sea on a scientific vessel, designing a booth for DaVinci Days, creating fine cuisine made by summer camp kids, and inspecting insects for mutations: These were only a few of the many projects that interns took part in last year.