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Ending It On a Great Note…

Hello Everyone! It is 10 minutes till 5PM right now and we are all one hour from of officially completing PROMISE during the summer of 2012! I’d like to congratulate you all on all the hard work that you have put into your internships this summer. All that time and effort has been put to […]

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Week 8 & 9 Updates from DD

Hello Everyone! Long time no blog post! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post for the past week, but it’s because so much has been happening. The Alumni Project has been rolling, rolling, and rolling! All throughout the past week I’ve been trying to reach previous center staff that I’ve been able […]

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Only Three More Weeks?!

Hi Everyone! Happy Week 7! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend (even though it was dreadfully hot). Week 6 was a very productive week for me. A lot of my focus has turned back to my projects and ensuring smooth progress. Having been able to have a discussion and brainstorm session with directors […]

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Meeting the Halfway Mark

Now that week 5 has officially passed, It’s time to update everyone! Last week was very eventful- but in a good way of course 🙂 Our event, A Taste of Culture was a success. Though it was hectic, I could see that the coordinators have been doing a great job transitioning to their new positions, […]

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Reflecting on Week 3 & 4 at DD

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday. I can’t believe that we’re halfway (or a littler more?) through this internship, time really does go by quickly. Now it’s really time for me to get my projects into gear. It seems that the day-to-day administrative work here has been taking over most of my time as we’ve been busy […]

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Reflecting on Week 2

Hello Everyone! Now that it’s week 3, work has been getting progressively more busy- I’ve had so many meetings to attend, a lot of emails, notes and agendas to write- but I love it. A lot of my projects have started and have progressed a great deal. So far everything has been great! I feel […]

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Greetings from DD!

Hello! My name is Michelle Lee and I will be the PROMISE Intern for Diversity Development. I am an HDFS (Human Development and Family Sciences) Graduate with an option in Child Development and a minor in Japanese. Although my major is geared towards early childhood, my time here has helped shape my plans for the […]

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Building Connections

Interns will be forming long-lasting bonds with their supervisors and with each other as well as getting the opportunity to network with professionals in a variety of industries.

Gaining Skills

An etiquette lunch, networking practice, and a myriad of other presentations and activities from some of the best at OSU will help hone the intern's skills so that they are ready to go into professional fields after college.

Creating Memories

Going out to sea on a scientific vessel, designing a booth for DaVinci Days, creating fine cuisine made by summer camp kids, and inspecting insects for mutations: These were only a few of the many projects that interns took part in last year.