PROMISE stands for PROfessional and Managerial Internships in State Employment. The PROMISE Internship program is an annual, 10-week program, it has been part of the OSU campus community since 1992. PROMISE is a developmental internship program designed to provide professional, managerial, or technical paid work experience and mentoring in state and local government agencies for Oregon State University juniors and seniors. The program’s purpose is to increase the potential pool of applicants currently under-represented in state and local government agencies.

In addition to experiences gained through the internship, the program provides robust learning opportunities via experiential presentations, meet and greets with some of OSU’s most influential community members, and unique activities that serve to simultaneously strengthen intern’s professional skill sets as well as their connections with each other.

Why a Blog?

With each intern pulling similar and different experiences from the program, a blog seemed like the easiest (and most fun) way to get to know the interns, their thoughts and, let’s be honest, their adventures in a way that  serves the needs of PROMISE  to record and preserve this year’s program. Also, there is the added benefit of making this summer an experience for the entire OSU community. Whether you’re from one of the intern’s families checking to see the experiences that they are having, a community member just looking for something to read, or the Director of an office looking to be a sponsor in the future, it is encouraged that you read our intern’s posts and comment!

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