Week 10

Itchung Cheung, HMSC Sponsor and Stacy Sim, PROMISE intern outside the visitor center, Newport, OR.

10 weeks, 70 days or 680 hours; that is all it takes to have an extraordinary experience and return with a different perspective and direction. I initially heard about this PROMISE internship from my extremely helpful and encouraging BioResource Research advisor, Wanda Crannell. From that first encounter to the PROMISE orientation and through these 10 weeks, this internship has been nothing less than amazing, as PROMISEd.

It has been an incredible journey. For the past year, I had my mind set on pursuing the marine sciences and I was exploring several topics for a path to pursue. In this sense, I had the perfect internship site because living at Hatfield Marine Science Center and breathing marine sciences has opened my eyes to its reality. Doing field work in the mudflats taught me that I would prefer a desk job to being in the outdoors, which greatly surprises me. Most of my journey has been in personal exploration. I have been able to examine and re-examine my personality traits and think about the reasons behind my preferences to better understand myself. For example, I have learned that I like stability, which in a daily job comes in the form of routine. Working in the mudflats demanded waking up at 4am on some days to rise to the challenge of chasing the tides. This greatly distressed me and three weeks later, I am still waking up at all odd hours, failing to reset my troubled circadian clock.

The Poster Gallery and challenge course on Thursday, 08/30/2012, felt like Spring Break after Winter Quarter. It was a beautiful sunny day in Corvallis and it was so much fun to laugh and spend time with my PROMISE peers after all our hard work and accomplishments. I definitely feel proud of the quality of work that I have accomplished this summer.

I walked into this internship hoping to have my interests narrowed down as I enter my junior year, so even though I have discovered what I do not want to do, it distresses me to not know what I am pursuing. Fortunately, there is always hope for the determined. I intend to follow up with several faculty that I met at the Poster Gallery as well as visit Career Services in the upcoming weeks to actively chase down my elusive future.

I thoroughly enjoyed this summer experience and in the words of this program’s amazing director and coordinator, “what makes this PROMISE internship special is the community”. I wish my PROMISE cohort all the best in their future career paths!

A big thank you to Diane Davis, our genuinely kind director of PROMISE and Josh Scacco, coordinator extraordinaire of PROMISE, for this amazing opportunity, Wanda Crannell for encouraging me to apply, Itchung Cheung for sponsoring me this summer at Hatfield Marine Science Center, Renee Irvin and Carol Rivin for generously writing my letters of recommendations and my family for always having words of advice and encouragement when I need them the most. Without all these wonderful and supportive people, I would not be able to strive for such heights. I have so much hope and excitement for the future!

Newport Sunset over the jetty

In week one, I was welcomed to Newport with a beautiful sunset. It sure is nice to be sent off in equal beauty in week ten.

Stacy Sim

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