So it’s already here. I’m sitting at my desk with only a couple hours remaining in this internship. To say that I have enjoyed or appreciated my time as a Promise Intern would be a huge understatement.

This summer, I worked at the office of Business Affairs with fellow intern Ralen Jones, who just left to go do other amazing things on his foreign exchange program in Denmark. We had the unique experience of being cubicle buddies as we analyzed the projects assigned to us and figured out the best way to accomplish the goals set before us.

In the past ten weeks, we have established the structures for a few different projects in line with Business Affairs’ vision of better connecting with students and presenting themselves in a way that is conducive to students’ perspectives and experiences. We participated in the current redesign of the Business Affairs website; in our initial research, we found that the content offered was thorough and helpful, but we wanted to reorganize the website so it is more appealing to incoming students and less overwhelming. We also created a couple surveys in a concerted effort to improve Business Affairs’ visibility as well as student satisfaction. In one of our other projects, we developed a series of videos to teach incoming students fundamental financial tips, information, and resources, as well as resources that are specific to Oregon State University and the Corvallis area.

As hard as we worked, we got to play even harder. Visiting the OSU Challenge Course on Thursday was definitely one of the highlights of my summer. There’s nothing quite like stepping off a 40ft platform, only to be swept away by a harness and a zipline. Losing balance and falling off a wire then pulling yourself up by the ropes is all the proof that I need to know that failing and re-trying challenges can be both fun and rewarding. (I’m secretly an adrenaline junkie.)

We have definitely been blessed this summer to work for such a supportive sponsor and alongside amazing interns. We made new friends. We learned a lot about what is available to us through OSU. And we learned more about ourselves than we anticipated.

We would like to thank Diane Davis and Josh Scacco for setting up such a fruitful summer for our cohort of interns. We thank our sponsor, Lissa Perrone, for providing us with this wonderful opportunity. Thanks also goes to everyone who made this experience what it was.

Goodbye and Farvel,
Luke Márquez and Ralen Jones

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