Hello Everyone! Long time no blog post!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post for the past week, but it’s because so much has been happening.

The Alumni Project has been rolling, rolling, and rolling! All throughout the past week I’ve been trying to reach previous center staff that I’ve been able to meet because of my previous work experience here at the centers, asking them of their memories at the centers; connect with OSU faculty for interviews and any historical information; and I’ve had the pleasure of reading through past Barometer Articles (from the 7o’s!) in the Multicultural archives to research history- it was very interesting to see how OSU was before our generation’s time. From here, I plan to visit centers to look at their scrapbooks, albums, and anything I else I can find. My lists that I’m to send to the alumni center once completed have grown a great deal, but I’ve found that finding alumni from the 80’s as well as information on the Native American Longhouse (the center that has existed for the longest time) has been the biggest challenge. Diversity Development wasn’t always around to work with the centers, so files of staff have not been consistent with the existence of the centers from their first opening to present time. I hope that by physically going to the centers, I can gain more information and knowledge. The power of networking has given me a great advantage as well. There have been some wonderful faculty and staff  that either have kept contact with previous student leaders they have worked with, or know someone that could be of resource to finding out more information! Their recollections of events with the centers in the past has definitely brought me a glimpse of hope in finding out more information. Phew. I’ve been doing so much research and going through great lengths to make sure that the information I find is accurate, that by the end of this project I’ll surely be able to place the title “skilled detective” on my resume 🙂

The library project is approaching it’s next step in the plan- creating a manual for the library bookkeeping programs and database. Now there are a few things that do worry me- I’m not the most tech savvy person, I am not very familiar with MAC computers (Yes, I am a PC person), and it’s also my first time doing anything remotely close to manual writing; However, I know that there are a lot of support and resources out there that I can reach to help me, and I’ll have the help of Natalia (whom I have working with from Multicultural Archives). I hope to create an easily comprehensible manual for the staff to utilize in the coming year as the library system in the centers will progressively evolve and improve. There are some issues around the centers relocating while their new centers are being rebuilt, but effective scheduling and planning in advance will help us avoid any of these problems.

Lastly, the Career Services Project has been on the back burner more so than the other projects I’ve been assigned. I’ve gone back to step one after hearing from various faculty and staff that work directly work with students of color. For now, starting over from scratch- researching other models that other institutions use while also keeping advice and insight given- seems to be the best plan. I’m not sure how far I’ll be able to go in completing a model for this project, but I plan on staying an extra week to do much done as I can to get these projects ready to transition and pass them down to the DD admin. team for the upcoming year. This way I can give myself some closure that these projects will be effectively continued, maintained, and evolved even after I have left. I know that the completed outcomes of my projects won’t be perfect, nor will they ever be truly complete, but I trust that this will be a solid foundation for whatever is to come. Things can always improve for the better. “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”- Vincent Van Gogh

The Starry Night, 1889


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