Week 7

This has been a very exciting week for me and I would like to share the highlights of each day with you.

From noon to 1 PM on Monday, I went to the second week of Andi Stephens’ “R” workshop. “R” is a free statistics program that can be used to make graphics and models. Andi Stephens is a research biologist with NOAA and has extensive experience with coding. I have not been required to use the program in my academics or internship as of yet, but I always welcome new knowledge and learning experiences. This is just one of the many learning opportunities that this Summer has allowed me to pursue and this “R” workshop is an example of the many seminars offered at Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Although I was not able to to go to OSU for the healthy life balance seminar on Tuesday, Robert Allan came to HMSC for a graduate school seminar. He addressed the challenges of the search process and advised us not to rush into choosing a graduate school without taking into consideration our values and financial situations. I spoke with him personally afterward, and discovered that he is the assistant director for OSU’s Marine Management Program (an interesting coincidence to being e-introduced to Flaxen Conway, the director of the MRM program two weeks ago).

Two other PROMISE interns at OSU’s Student Multimedia Services, Sean and Leo, and a University of Oregon media student, Caleb, came to HMSC to film footage for a promotional video for their internship project. However, they generously agreed to help me with my website development project while they were out here. In addition to the other changes that I am making to the website, I am trying to incorporate a video interview instead of the traditional picture and paragraph description that is used in the current HMSC intern website. I expected Sean, Leo and Caleb to bring a small handheld video recorder, but they came with a full tripod and professional set up: a huge video recorder and microphones. Needless to say, I am very grateful for Sean, Leo and Caleb’s expertise and contributions in the media aspect. I am extremely excited about finishing this website design and development project and I hope that the new changes help paint a fuller picture of the summer internship experience for prospective interns. Although I have heard the interns briefly describe their research projects to me, watching them describe their project in their regular work setting was more informational and interesting to me, and I hope that it will be the same for viewers of the new website. I underestimated the time it would take to interview each intern, so the three media wizards will be back some time next week to record the remaining interns.

On Thursday, I was visited by Ms. Davis and Josh Scacco, who are the director and student coordinator of this PROMISE program. Not knowing what to expect, my mentor gave me an agenda to follow: tour the visitor center and the west wing aquarium animals, give a informational overview of Hatfield Marine Science Center to accompany a tour of Hatfield’s campus and then take them to the mudflats where I conduct my GIS project’s data collection. I took his suggestion very seriously and studied a two-page script in anticipation of their arrival. While I am an avid believer in doing my part to be prepared, reality is never scripted. In this case, their visit was predominantly conversational while I had basically prepared a speech. Nevertheless, I am relieved that I had facts and dates to describe Hatfield’s background, the Education wing, housing facilities, Yaquina Bay estuary and saltwater system reservoir and pump system. I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Davis and Josh’s visit as well as the opportunity to have a conversation with them.

As the internship slowly draws to a close, I am working hard to finish up the many projects that I had taken the initiative to have a bigger role in. Next week’s events include a tour to OIMB (University of Oregon’s “Oregon Institute of Marine Biology”) on Monday as well as the continuation of data collection in the mudflats for my GIS project from Wednesday to Friday. I am looking forward to making the trip to OSU for a poster seminar on Tuesday, which will allow me to see my PROMISE peers, as well as get the information to prepare us for our final poster galleria, on August 30, to conclude our summer internship.

Photo credits to Sean Marler.


Stacy Sim

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