This week has been the first week of my walking program and I am a bit nervous.

The first official day was at Sunrise in Albany and I was about to leave when a family showed up!! Yes!! my first family!! Therefore I scrambled to get everything out of where I had put it and start off the day. We walked to the back of Sunrise and realized that the grass had not been cut and therefore it was not walkable. The mother of the family then said “we can go to the park there is a path we can walk on.” We decided to go check it out and it was a blessing in disguise!!!

The park is perfect!! it goes around in a circle and has a park on one of the sides it also has shade and sun which is great last but not least, one lap is 1/5 of a mile which works well with my recording sheet I made. I am also hoping to figure out how far everyone walked at the end of the program so this will make it much easier. I was a bit disappointed that only one family came but there is only room to improve.

The next day it was the first day at Lincoln to have my walking program since I have been working with the kids there daily I was excited to see who would come out. I announced it at the end of the day and one little girl asked her brother for a pen and wrote on her hands the time so that she could tell her mom. I thought it was so cute! Since school is over at 3pm we decided to have the walking program right after school from 3-4pm. That day nobody came I waited around the playground for about 15 minutes and it was as empty as a desert. I was a bit disappointed, but that shows me that I need to find a different approach to make this walking program a success!!  Therefore I went to the office after and printed off some flyers to hand out the next day at school.

Today, was my second day at Sunrise and it was 9am and nobody was showing up until I saw a lady pull up in her car. I asked her if she was coming to the walking program and she said yes!!! I then organized everything and got her some name tags for her and her children so that we could record her laps. Then the same family from Monday showed up and I was so excited because my attendance is growing!!

Today at Lincoln school some students help me pass out all 100 flyers to all of the students who went to school today about the walking program. I saw all the children walking around with little orange slips as well as while I was saying hi to a little boy in one of the classes I help out in he said “sorry I didn’t come yesterday.” I told him it was ok but it was so genuine and sweet that it made me happy inside to know that he wanted to come but was not able to. I hope he comes tomorrow. We will see.

Therefore when I say I am not sure how I feel right now about the program I am happy that it is improving at Sunrise and I’m still a bit scared that it will totally flop at Lincoln. Only time will tell what happens as well as a little bit of advertising.

Until next time.


** Today was my second day at Lincoln and a family came and a boy from one of the classes I am helping in! Yay!! I am so excited!! I hope it only grows from here!!**

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