These past two weeks have been great. Last week I was getting ready to present at the 4-H International Camp about Obama’s Deferred Action Immigration Policy.  I thought the camp was great in providing the high school students with valuable information about applying to college, financial aid, scholarships, and college life. It was also exciting to see all the activities the campers were able to do such as basketball, soccer, swimming, archery, swings, and volleyball. This camp reminded me of my high school years and it allowed me to reflect on how much I have grown as a person and as a professional from high school up until now.

As for the presentation on Obama’s Deferred Action Immigration Policy, I thought it went well even though public speaking is not my forte but something I will continue to work on.  I was asked by a student, “why is it important for us to know this?” and I said, “Well some of you may be thinking ‘so how does this pertain to me?’, and it might not directly but it may affect a friend, relative, or peer, so when we inform ourselves we are better able to help others.” I was also asked when and where could they find the application to apply for deferred action, and since the application is not available yet I also provided a sign-up sheet for those who wanted me to send them the information presented as well as more up to date information.

It has been a learning experience working for Patricia, she’s a great person.  Throughout the time at this position I have attended meetings with her and got insight on various types of topics from the planning and construction of the new ASOSU Office of Advocacy in the soon to be build Student Experience Center and I also attended the Budget Authority Training for ASOSU. The Promise events, the Brown Bag luncheon with Larry Roper and the StrengthQuest Workshops have also been an important part of these past two weeks.  I have taken in interesting information about myself, my PROMISE peers, and our speakers. This information is allowing me to build connections with the individuals I meet through this network so that when I leave this program I can further expand my connections.

In last, I wish everyone a joyful weekend!

-Claudia Mata

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