Hello everyone,

This is Luke Marquez and Ralen Jones. We are writing from our cubicle on the first floor of Kerr as we fulfill our duties in Business Affairs. First off, we want to say how interesting and enjoyable it has been to work on the other side of the Cashier’s and Payroll windows. We really get to see the ins and outs of how business is taken care of from a staff perspective. At the same time, Business Affairs is utilizing us to gain the students’ perspective.

We have been working with the student finance staff on a couple of projects aimed at improving communications between the office of Business Affairs and the student population. Their units include billing, cashiering, account collections, and Perkins loans. We have focused largely on refining, researching, and assisting with the presentation of the student finance website and other informational materials to better suit students and parents.

Working together, we have gained a lot of great experience in small team efforts. Our skills and strengths really complement each other, so as a duo we are able to play off each other in various settings. In researching material, we will each find information and resources that the other person might have missed. Earlier in the week, we conducted a presentation to the managers of the various units in Business Affairs based on our research. Although it was an informal presentation, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. With some preparation, however, we were able to successfully deliver a 90-minute presentation.

Through it all, we have met many wonderful people in the office. The office environment is relaxed and friendly and we have the benefit of each others’ company in our shared cubicle space. Looking into the next week, we are going to meet with Dan, a former Promise intern who is currently a project manager for the organization, to discuss and implement functions and features for the website.


— Luke and Rae

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