I hope everyone’s internship is going well. This summer has been a great experience as I am working on marketing, creating descriptive material, for a new leadership program. I have also been given the chance to work with Drupal and Adobe Creative Suites. I am also planning a fall event that I will tell everyone about in the near future.

I enjoyed the strengths quest workshop and the strengths for me were actually fairly accurate. My first word was futurist, and that would explain a lot since I always am thinking ahead and sometimes forget to enjoy the now! I definitely see the value in participating in a strength quests session in a group or with co workers, as it gives you a chance to identify how you will communicate.  

With not much else to write about, I decided to include something I recently wrote for a summer course, as I am working to complete a leadership minor:

The situation presented was to list some common qualities of leadership, which cross cultural, time, and situational barriers.

The act of Doing-

A leader in any country, job, or time, stands out by getting things done. Proper communication, planning, delegation (and follow-up), and intention are required to reach the end result. However, if you do not reach your goal, than you still have work to do. I feel that a person can have all the ideas, intentions, planning, and delegation in the world, but if the task at hand does not end up completed, then they are not an effective leader.


The second common attribute of leadership is the ability to listen to others, and not be selfish. I view leadership as leading someone, and not just yourself. Even if you lead yourself to become better at communication, or organization, in my opinion, you are leading yourself to ultimately become a better leader of others. Being a leader requires listening to what others want, and are experiencing, and then acting in a way that helps everyone and is reflective to the population’s ideas and situations.

The third outcome is the ability to inspire, motivate, and be heard by other people. Emergent leaders (people who may not just be in a leadership role such as manager or president) are leaders because other people listen to them, or feel the need to listen and not because of their job title. The emergent leaders shine light of the power of being able to motivate and inspire other people.

 I think that a good leader in any context has to be good at inspiration, optimism, and motivation. A good leader also needs to have an understanding of how to get people to work together, overcome group conflict, and stay focused. A good leader is able to communicate their vision, and have others feel inspired and ready to accomplish the task at hand.

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