Vernal Equinox

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Today is the first full day of spring…this morning when I biked to the office it rained (not unlike winter…) and it was cold (also, not unlike winter)…although I just looked out the window and it is sunny so maybe spring is really here.  Certainly the foliage tells us it is spring–forsythia, flowering quince, ornamental plum trees; although the crocuses are spent, daffodils shine from front yards; tulips are in bud, and daphne–oh, the daphne–is in its glory.

I’ve already posted this week; next week is spring break at OSU and at the local high school.  I won’t be posting.  So I leave you with this thought:  Evaluation is an everyday activity, one you and I do often without thinking; make evaluation systematic and think about the merit and worth.  Stop and smell the flowers.


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Moein on 21 March, 2013 at 7:56 pm #

Happy Nowrus

For millennia, when the sun crosses the equator and the northern hemisphere enters Spring. , peoples in the Balkans, the Black Sea Basin, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East and other regions have carried out their own special traditions in celebration of Nowruz. These rituals, from repainting homes to visiting friends to preparing symbolic meals, are infused with a spirit of renewal and can inspire not only those conducting them but all people.

Yesterday (21 March) was Nowruz. A Positive natural phenomenon and we must say Happy Nowrus! But our world challenged with many natural and dummy human problems in many countries that make unhappy! However I hope countries and people around the world will draw on this festival’s history and customs to promote harmony with the natural world and foster global peace and goodwill.

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