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My journey…the last week…a beginning

Posted May 16th, 2010 by hallter

This challenge is fast coming to an end and I imagine that there will be a lot of reflecting this next week. The knowledge and habits that have been acquired during this time has made me so much healthier, both physically and mentally.

One thing that I did this week was attend the presentation about ‘Discovering your Inner Core’ at Dixon and it was awesome! I learned so much about muscles, exercises and reasons for having a strong core. The biggest thing that I learned was how far I have come during this challenge. There were several times that I was surprised when I was able to do an exercise. I feel certain that very few of them would have been achievable 19 weeks ago. Sometimes it take these times to realize how far we have come.

Another thing that I have noticed is what I am choosing to eat and what I am wanting to eat. I find it amazing on those moments that I am craving vegetables and fruits! We went out to dinner the other night and I was so surprised when the french fries didn’t even catch my eyes!

Another fun side effect of this challenge is when someone notices how you look and that you have changed. Or, you put on a shirt that you have been wearing for the past year and you realize how big it is, and it wasn’t just a couple of months ago. The change and realization that the effort that we’ve been putting into this challenge is all worth it.

The most important thing I want to be very aware of is that this is not an ending, but rather just the beginning. When I heard that they got all the cancer, I realized that I have a slightly different outlook on life and I want to continue to live!

So here’s to the beginning of the last week. Be healthy and enjoy it all!


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