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Posted May 10th, 2010 by lougeel

I love reading the blogs that everyone’s been posting.  They’re all so upbeat, supportive and uplifting.  And so well written.

I’m having a tough go of it right now.  Between camp 2 weeks ago and being sick most of last week, my diet has gone to h*** in a handbasket (an old saying of my grandmother’s).  Camp food was, well, camp food. <G>  And I guess I’ve been babying myself the past week or so, feeling sorry for myself that I’ve been sick, and eating comfort food.  No emphasis on fruits and veggies, no high fiber, no whole grain anything.  And I can feel how much better I was doing when I was consciously trying to eat healthy.

My diet isn’t the only thing taking a beating right now.  My incentive and determination are so low.  It’s been a long time to sustain that “CHALLENGE, YES” high, especially with so many work interruptions and illness.  I need a good team talking to to help me get back on track.  Or maybe I just need to have a long serious discussion with that person in the mirror that I see every morning.  Tell her to straighten up, fly right.  Remind her how much better she was feeling when she was paying attention to getting enough fruits, veggies, fiber, vitamins.  You heard me, lady in the mirror — eat a carrot for the team!  (Take 2, they’re small. <G> )

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