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To fry or not to fry that is the question

Posted May 9th, 2010 by geissles

I am really sorry I missed the cook off as I so enjoy tofu (NOT!!). Actually prepared right it tastes pretty good. Young’s Kitchen on Monroe has a Hot & Spicy Tofu dish that is pretty darn good.

Making a change in your approach to nutrition is one of the hardest things to do. For me it usually takes an event, like a physical or a wedding to get me to re-evaluate. The Power Up challenge has also been that type of event. I am a hamburger-aholic!! My heightened awareness during the challenge has been sort of an intervention which has helped me re-discover some other really good food such as salmon. I have learned to balance out my eating habits, still getting a burger now and then, but mostly thinking twice in my choices and making good ones more often than not.

My advice to anyone who wants it is to get away from making the same old choices and try something new now and then. Don’t deprive yourself of the foods, and drink, that you enjoy just moderate your consumption.

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