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My journey… new food tasting!

Posted May 5th, 2010 by hallter

Tonight we participated in the Power Up Food Challenge, and it was a blast! The Co-op generously supplied us with some great food to use, some of which I had not tasted before. Having a chance to try new things with a group of great people was fun.

We were tasked with creating some healthy foods to eat with a huge table of raw materials. Each group had the same ingredients to use so it was fun to see what each team created, and get to taste them. What a fun evening!

I have never been a huge fan of tofu, but the way it was prepared tonight wasn’t bad. I also got to taste a new cheese and quinoa, a grain-like seed with a nutty flavor, both pretty tasty. The quinoa is not-gluten and can be substituted for rice or grain. I would have them both again.

My advice to anyone reading is to try, simply try the new food….you might like it!


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2 Responses to “My journey… new food tasting!”

  1. Luanne Lawrence Says:

    So proud of you for competing and winning and trying new things!

  2. whitcamm Says:

    It was great meeting you, Teresa, and Congratulations!

    I do apologize if I seemed a little ‘distracted’. Chopping onions AND opening cans of beans was almost more than I could handle. haha! ;o)

    ~Cammila =)