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Pursuing Health and wellness

Posted January 22nd, 2010 by jenkijos

I am very excited about my progress in this challenge.  I had my first meeting with a personal trainer at Dixon yesterday who just happened to be my old roommate.  It was very challenging and showed me how far behind I am with my knee rehab and my flexibility.  Considering I used to live with him, he did not hold anything back in informing me how pathetic I was in certain areas. 🙂  I am excited to pursue improvements in these areas, and I am also doing a great job of getting 7 hours of sleep this term.  I have been trying to get 6 hours a night for four years now and consistently have missed my goal.  I think having this challenge has motivated me to make it a higher priority and with the extra sleep I have been getting I feel like a new man. 

I am confident that I will continue to improve my overall health and wellness to help me re-open the pursuit of the many large dreams that I have.  I have been using CAPS services as of late as well and have really found them to be beneficial to help me improve as a person.   Again, nothing super exciting to report, but maybe by the end of the chalenge I can kill a cougar with my bear hands or something so I have something really exciting to share with you all. 

Have a great weekend,

Joey Jenkins

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2 Responses to “Pursuing Health and wellness”

  1. Teresa Hall Says:

    Good job! You ‘sound’ much more positive this week! I like that the trainers are pushing us to do better, it helps. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see the cougar and bear at the end of your challenge!

  2. Nutri System Says:

    Sometimes you really need someone to tell you how “pathetic” you are…it’s usually for your benefit especially when it comes to your health. A good trainer is only there to help you…good luck with your knee rehab.