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Advisory Council  December 23rd, 2009

whitneys2Name: Whitney Sweat

Department/Title: Health Promotion/Dietitian

Area of Interest: Nutrition, exercise and disease prevention, sports nutrition, vegetarian nutrition

Experience in wellness: Healthy weight loss and maintenance, and general nutrition counseling and education

Best Wellness Fact I Know: Wellness is about finding a healthy balance in many physical and mental aspects of life.

niloo2lowName: Niloofar Bavarian, MPH

Title: Graduate Assistant

Department: Health Promotion Department, Student Health Services, Oregon State University

Area of Expertise: My research has focused on health issues affecting the college population. Specific topics that I have examined include: alcohol and other drug use, physical inactivity, sleep difficulties, and sexual health. For the purposes of the Power Up Challenge, I am available to provide consultation on any of the aforementioned topics. I am also available to address questions pertaining to academic health, general health and wellness, and the importance of social support and social networks.

Experience in Wellness: I am very fortunate to have attended universities that not only emphasize the importance of wellness, but that have also provided students with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in wellness. As an undergraduate student, I was able to volunteer for health and wellness events on campus and in the community. My experiences as an undergraduate sparked my desire to pursue a career in health and wellness. As a graduate student, I have volunteered and worked for the Health Promotion Department at Student Health Services since 2006. I have been actively involved in programs such as AnswerSpot (an anonymous health-related question and answer program), The Beaver Sleeper Campaign (a multifaceted program designed to improve sleep quality and quantity), Evey1 (a sexual violence prevention and education program), IMPACT (a substance use prevention and education program), and Peer Health Advocates. I look forward to using my experience in wellness to support you during the Power Up Challenge!

Best Wellness Fact I Know: Rather than state a fact, I would like to share a wellness tip: Tell yourself EVERYDAY that you are fabulous!

Name: Jacqueline Alvarez

Department/Title: Director of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Area of Expertise: Counseling psychology

Experience in wellness: I have taught a number of mindfulness meditation courses, and many classes on topics related to happiness and positive psychology, including creating happiness, authentic sexuality, resilience, the art of forgiveness, life-work balance, and thriving in college.

Best Wellness Fact I Know: Intimate friendships, more than any other factor, has been found to positively affect our sense of happiness and well-being. So if you’d like to cultivate more happiness in your life, investing in your friends is a great way to go.

guidoName: Guido Van Ryssege

Department/Title: Department of Recreational Sports

Area of Expertise: Athletic Training, Sports Injury Prevention, Movement Dysfunctions and their Corrective Exercises, Weight Training.

Experience in wellness: if wellness is defined as “the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health”: Injury prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and return to function

Best Wellness Fact I Know: “Live like there is no tomorrow”

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