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Category: Michelle Zink

Orange Power  January 28th, 2010

Meet the members of Orange Power.

Michelle Zink, captain

Rachael Noelle Bergstad

Geoff Tomlinson

Teresa Hall

Steven Geissler

Kaitlin Lawrence

Allison Davis-White Eyes

Joey Jenkins

Still at it…  January 25th, 2010

Wow, the second week ending and it feels like I am still at the beginning.  I must admit I am finding it hard the first couple of weeks.  I have had one occasion after the other and it seems everyone wants to go celebrate with food.  First a birthday, then an anniversary and then a “good-bye” get together.  Of course on top of that is the 16 credits I am taking and exams coming up. 

In other words, I am trying to be completely honest…..and whine a little bit.  🙂  This is not easy for some although the team part is keeping me motivated.  Thank you “Orange Power” for just being there. 

I am feeling a little bit better, but I think we all get overwhelmed with the day to day stuff.  So how do we manage?  I think of each day being a new day.  Whatever challenges got in my way the day before, the next morning starts with a clean slate.  Yes it sounds a little corney, but it helps.  Playing little mind tricks helps keep my stress at bay and focus on the day at hand. 

So, off to Monday and catching up with my teammates.

Michelle Zink, Captain

Trials and Tribulations  January 17th, 2010

Here I am…After 16 ½ years of raising a handicap child and taking care of my family, I realized how things have taken their toll me.  The stress of raising someone who is disabled may vary, but we probably all feel the same emotional turmoil’s.  My way of coping was food.  Thus, landing me here, 60 lbs overweight.  My youngest daughter is terminal and was not supposed to live past 2 ½ yrs old.  The stress of knowing this information put me into a fog as it would any parent.  So…I coped…with food.  At almost 17 yrs old now, she has been through many surgeries, doctor’s visits, trips to see specialist etc…  If she can endure all that she has, I should be able to pick myself back up and try.  My family I have worked so hard taking care of still needs me, but they also need me healthy. 

The “Reality Check” came into my view….If I don’t take care of me first, how can I be healthy enough to help them.  Time slipped by for me and each day of procrastination melted into the next one.  I needed to be accountable for me and this challenge is helping me face that.  The great thing about this is that I am part of a team.  Not just a team of people wanting to lose weight but more of people wanting to be healthy again. 

This first week I will admit had been a little tough.  Schedules are difficult as you all are aware.  So on to week two, staying positive and looking forward to working with all the Power Up teammates. 

Michelle Zink