People living in cities are confronted by a range of pest problems, some of which impact pollinator health. This week we hear about an initiative to make science-based information on managing these pests clearer, more intuitive and easy to find. 

Solve Pest Problems is an initiative under development at Oregon State University Extension to develop an educational resource in both English and Spanish for the general public on pest management. The initiative is led by Weston Miller, who is also guest this week. Since 2007, Weston has provided effective management and leadership for the Master Gardener (MG) program in Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties. The MG program includes training over 175 volunteers per year in the process of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to help answer over 60,000 questions from the general public annually. This outreach program includes teaching MG volunteers to use existing IPM resources from OSU and other credible sources. Weston enjoys gardening and hiking with his family in SW Portland.

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Solve Pest Problems (OSU Extension)
Weston’s Pollinator Resource: OSU Urban Ecology Lab
Weston’s Go-To-Tool: Cell phone – Solve Pest Problem will be available on your phone
Weston’s favorite pollinator species: Yarrow, Buckwheat and Phacelia

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