Ever heard the term “native beekeeper” before? Me neither, until I talked with Gregory Lynch from the Miel Montréal Co-op. In this episode he explains how the Co-op has developed a wide range of educational services that goes beyond (honey bee) beekeeping, to promoting native bees and urban biodiversity more generally.

The mission of Miel Montréal Co-op is to develop and provide, within a concerted framework, educational services related to bees and more generally biodiversity in the city, as well as support to the beekeeping community.

Gregory is a trainer and beekeeper with Miel Montreal and has had the opportunity to work with bees of all sorts in Eastern Canada, Central America and West Africa. Gregory has a masters from the University of Luxembourg in sustainable development, he has over 10 years of experience in animation with non-profitable organizations, companies, families, farms and students from all ages. Currently Gregory runs Mantis environmental, a small business focused on training and consulting in sustainable development.

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Links Mentioned:

Coopérative de solidarité Miel Montréal

Gregory’s Favorite Book: L’abeille et la ruche (Alain Péricard, 2019)

Gregory’s Go-To Tool: Transparent vial for showing bees to people

Gregory’s Favorite Pollinator: Green metallic sweat bees (because its easy for beginners to see)

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