In this episode we take a stroll through the tradeshow at the world’s largest beekeeping conference, Apimondia, which was held in Montreal, Canada in September. In this episode you’ll hear about a machine that can turn 1000lbs of liquid honey into velvety-creamed honey, the latest in varroa control, styrofoam hive equipment and tips on how to re-use plastic foundation. 
Booths I visited included:
British Columbia Honey Producers Association (Dan Mason, Canada)
Karl Jenter GmbH (Klaus Wallner, Germany)
CreamPAL (Quebec, Canada)
– Neil Specht, Sweetheart Pollinators (Saskachewan, Canada)
– Korea Beekeeping Association (South Korea)
– Chilean Beekeeper Federation (who won the bid for Apimondia 2023)
Honey Bee Research Center (Paul Kelly, University of Guelph, Canada)
Pierco (John Caron, USA)
Betterbee (John Rath, USA)
Vita Bee Health (Max Watkins, UK)

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