In this episode we talk with Dr. Rosalyn (Ros) Johnson from about how to establish local, native, and drought-tolerant species in backyards to support pollinators and wildlife. After Dr. Johnson earned her degree in Wildlife Ecology she decided to move to a part of the country she really like and work on preserving and supporting species and ecosystems locally – the San Francisco peninsula. While she works for bees and other wildlife like birds and salamanders, she also preserves the landscaping of yards and adhere to the wishes of the yard owner. As you will hear in this episode, she uses a few non-invasive but non-native plants that support honey bees and some native bees, too.

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Links Mentioned:
Calscape (California Native Plant Society)
Ros’ book recommendation: California Bees and Bloom (2014, Gordon W. Frankie, Robbin W. Thorp, Rollin E. Coville, and Barbara Ertter)
Ros’ go-to-tool: Collection vials
Ros’ favorite pollinator: Carpenter bees (Xylocopa spp.)

2 thoughts on “108 – Rosalyn Johnson – Bio-diverse and drought-tolerant gardens

  1. I had no idea just how smart and heavy Dr Ros Johnson had become in the environment. Dynamic mind and soul. Thanks for sharing.


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