To mark 100 episodes of PolliNation we have assembled the dedicated faculty from OSU to answer your questions:

Thanks again to Sean Rooney from The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) for hosting us at Bug Week and for all the people who submitted questions for the show. We always love your questions, so keep them rolling.

Links Mentioned:

Do bees dream? The article Jennifer Holt mentions is: Kaiser, W., 1988. Busy bees need rest, too. Journal of Comparative physiology A163(5), pp.565-584.

Megachilid Bees in the Pacific Northwest: An Introduction (OSU Extension, 2016)

Nurturing Mason Bees in Your Backyard in Western Oregon (OSU Extension, 2016)

Example of wooden blocks with different hole sizes mentioned by Lincoln Best during the show.

Still room available for the 2019 Bee School – Native Bee Taxonomy Course:

Registration link

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