Adam Allington in a reporter with Bloomberg Environment in Washington DC. He covers environmental issues including pesticides and chemicals. Prior to coming to Bloomberg he spent more than ten years working in public radio. Over the course of one year, Adam, along with environment reporters David Schultz and Tiffany Stecker traveled to all corners of the honeybee ecosystem from Washington, D.C., to the California almond fields, and orchards of the upper Midwest to examine the changing relationship between commercial pollination and US food production. There findings are featured in a new Bloomberg podcast: The Business of Bees.

Links Mentioned:

The Business of Bees podcast (iTunes)

The Big Business of Bees (Bloomberg, May 16, 2019)

EPA Curbs Use of 12 Bee-Harming Pesticides (Bloomberg Environment, May 21, 2019)

Last Chance to register for the 2019 Bee School (Native Bee Taxonomy Course):

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