Bob Falconer joined the OSU Master Gardeners in 2009 but has been gardening since the 1970s. He’s been involved with horticulture since high school, with experience spanning 50 years. He was part of the team that developed and piloted OSU Extension’s Ask an Expert app, which received the OSU Vice Provost Award for Excellence. Falconer has served multiple terms as president of the Washington County Master Gardener Association. He also an Oregon Master Beekeeper. Bob knows how to grow stuff – he even has bananas growing in his yard. This week he shares his secrets on how to establish magnificent strips of Phacelia and clover.

Links Mentioned:

Hubram Clover (1916, Iowa State)

Crimson Clover (Western SARE)

Lacy Phacelia (NRCS)

Pollinator Palooza (June 22, 2019, Jackson Bottom Wetland Park)

Bob’s Phacelia planted in the spring

Bob’s crimson clover seeded last fall

Bob’s mower for chopping up the plants after they have made seed.

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