The Biochemistry of Cannabis

By Lillian Padgitt-Cobb In 2015, the Oregon SB844 Task Force comprised of scientists, marijuana growers, politicians and drug abuse professionals convened to assess the direction of marijuana research in Oregon. Members faced a daunting task. Since the research typically required to produce and approve a therapeutic agent simply does not exist for marijuana, ensuring safety […]

Flying Under the Radar

“Close up, though, brown becomes sooty brown, brownish black, chocolate, rufous, rusty-buff, light tan, and cinnamon on the bird’s back, head and wings. Brown becomes light brown marbled with soft whites on its throat, flanks and breast.” — Rare Bird: Pursuing the Mystery of the Marbled Murrelet, by Maria Mudd Ruth By Nick Houtman In […]

Food of the Faithful

“Available sources almost universally agree that meat is delicious. Perhaps more importantly, meat is often considered necessary for human health.” “Compassion, placing the needs of others before one’s own, lies at the very center of Tibetan religious rhetoric and self-conception.” — Food of Sinful Demons, Geoffrey Barstow By Nick Houtman What’s for dinner? The question […]

Filled with Curiosity

If a cat can have nine lives, why not a scientist? Nicole Hams has already had several. She has dived into nitrogen fixation, coral reef biology, fuel cells, fish health and protein chemistry. And she’s just getting started. “My mind doesn’t necessarily sit still. I’m not afraid to be working on a lot of different […]