Interior Design as a form of art

I wanted to be an interior designer for a brief period in high school. It seemed like a great job, based on HGTV and my experiences building houses in Sims (usually while I watched HGTV).

I think interior design is considered art. You have to consider the same elements, such as balance, color, and the aesthetic associated with it. Most people go for calm and quiet spaces for the majority of their homes, but some like a level of excitement. So how is that communicated through interior design? Here are some examples.

#1- Calm living space

This image is from a blog entitled Stockholm Vitt Interior Design, based on Scandinavian influenced design (see it here). The room has a simple gray and blue color scheme, which is relaxing and makes the room appear bright and cozy. The cohesive tables are all modernist, but are rustic in color to match the darker pillows on the furniture. The flowers and simple sculptures tie the room together. All in all, the room evokes serenity, just as a piece of art can.

#2- Energetic living space

This image is from Freshome, an architecture/interior design/lifestyle website (find it here). This room, while still inviting like the above one, is clearly more energetic. This is done through the contrast of colors, the different prints used, and the pop of a bright color (yellow). It has a classy aesthetic through the chandelier and floor-to-ceiling curtains, but it isn’t stuffy due to the colors and prints.