Food Art

I worked as a barista last summer.

My shifts were always 7 + hours long, and not very busy. I had tons of free time at the espresso machine. This led to some creative coffee activity. I tried raspberry lattes, teas with orange-flavored syrup, blended hot chocolates with peanut butter.

However, I was never able to master latte art. I could almost do the basic foam heart, but it always fell flat. I admire those who can create artistic food presentations, and this post will showcase some examples.

Here is a pretty example. The color contrast between the shrimp and cucumber is gorgeous, and the shape is unique.

Here is an interesting example. On first glance, it resembles an abstract art piece. The shapes and colors compliment each other (plus it probably tastes great).

Last but not least, fun and cute art works great in the culinary world.

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