The Blog So Far

I have enjoyed running this blog thus far! It’s been fun to explore different topics and images. I’ve focused on visual art for the majority of posts. I’ve shared some personal opinions, as well as my interpretations of the art I’ve shown.

The hardest part is remembering to post. It takes me some time to research and reflect before a post. I also find media to enhance my posts, so it takes some planning. Accountability will be key in the fall! I’ll be running a professional blog, and posts can’t be late or rushed.

My summer has been visual arts heavy. My strength has always been literature, but I need to be well-versed in both lit and art. I’m grateful for this blog, because it has made me far more aware of the types and intricacies of visual art.

Three Dimensional Digital Art

This week in my art class, we learned how to use Google Sketchup to create 3D models digitally. This is an interesting area of the art world, because it combines digital art with sculptural art.

Here is an example of a Google Sketchup art piece. This must have required a lot of time and attention to detail. I used to believe that digital art must be somewhat easier to create, considering all the features of art software. I now know that it requires a high level of attention to detail and a serious time commitment.

Here are some other cool examples of three dimensional digital art.


Food Art

I worked as a barista last summer.

My shifts were always 7 + hours long, and not very busy. I had tons of free time at the espresso machine. This led to some creative coffee activity. I tried raspberry lattes, teas with orange-flavored syrup, blended hot chocolates with peanut butter.

However, I was never able to master latte art. I could almost do the basic foam heart, but it always fell flat. I admire those who can create artistic food presentations, and this post will showcase some examples.

Here is a pretty example. The color contrast between the shrimp and cucumber is gorgeous, and the shape is unique.

Here is an interesting example. On first glance, it resembles an abstract art piece. The shapes and colors compliment each other (plus it probably tastes great).

Last but not least, fun and cute art works great in the culinary world.