My Inspiration #2

This week, I’ll be discussing my favorite writers. I write both personally and publicly, as a reporter for my campus newspaper. My passion for writing originates with the books of my childhood, and evolved through the works I explored as I grew up.

I’m going to discuss two of my favorite writers, one from my childhood and one that I grew to love in high school. I’ll also showcase some lines from their work and a short bio.

J.K. ROWLING = I grew up with the Harry Potter books. I credit most of my personality and passion to Rowling. Her writing is a major source of inspiration for me. It beautifully blends every emotion with gorgeous imagery and vital lessons. According to Rowling’s page (here), she was an avid reader growing up. Her ideas for the Harry Potter series were recorded onto scraps of paper and napkins. She also writes successful crime novels.


EMILY DICKINSON = I was introduced to Dickinson in middle school, but her work didn’t really resonate with me and I quickly forgot it. When I revisited Dickinson in high school, I was hooked. In growing up and gaining more experiences, it became easier to identify to Dickinson. Her poetry is moving and mysterious, beautiful in a way that can’t be easily identified. I found it to be incredibly powerful. According to her bio (here), Dickinson wrote almost 1800 poems. Her work was personal, only shared with friends and family, until after her death. Dickinson is now regarded as one of the best American poets.

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