My Inspiration

For my second blog post, I’m going to discuss my favorite artists. These are the people that drive my creativity and passion. I will include one picture of their work, a short bio, and why I admire them.

ANSEL ADAMS = I grew up with an Adams work (below!) in my room. I don’t remember when my parents put it there, I just remember looking at it daily. It had a calming and inspiring effect on me. Adams was an environmentalist and a photographer, almost exclusively focusing his life and work on nature. He never included any sign of humanity in his photos. I think I am largely inspired by Adams because of this. He found a creative way to represent what already existed without adding anything, as I strive to do within my own work. For more information:

FRIDA KAHLO = The art of Kahlo is unique and experimental. Her life was tumultuous, as she suffered horrible injuries after she was hit by a bus and struggled through an abusive relationship with fellow artist Diego Rivera. I greatly admire Kahlo for her ability to create powerful works of art from her hardships. All her work is grounded in painful truth, represented through her unique perspective on paper. For more information:

Next week, I plan on tackling my favorite writers!

Until then,


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