City Initiates Legislative Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan

OSU had intended to submit an application for a new District Plan to the City in early April 2015; however, the City’s legislative process will delay submittal of OSU’s District Plan.

On December 1, 2014, the Corvallis City Council initiated a legislative process to consider amendments to the City’s Comprehensive Plan findings and policies related to OSU.  On January 20, 2015, Mayor Biff Traber appointed three City Councilors and four Planning Commissioners to the OSU-Related Plan Review Task Force.  This group is scheduled to start work in late-February to consider amendments to the OSU-related Comprehensive Plan findings and policies.  OSU is providing technical information and data to assist the task force as they evaluate the applicable findings and policies.  The group is expected to complete their work efforts in April 2015, followed by public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council.

OSU-Related Plan Review Task Force Materials

OSU District Plan Public Meetings December 4, 2014

003bOSU hosted two public outreach meetings on December 4, 2014.  Presenters explained the strategies the university is exploring to achieve the District Plan goals, the trade-offs of each strategy, and the partnerships that make them work. Participants had an opportunity to ask questions and obtain additional clarification.  A brief presentation summarizing the input received at the October open houses was also presented.   (View Flier)

For more info or accommodation requests related to a disability contact: David Dodson, University Land Use Planning Manager – 541-737-8503.  See Transportation Options Page

OSU District Plan Open House Events

In October, OSU hosted two public open houses to share the progress of the District Plan development with the community. Representatives from OSU provided progress updates and other relevant information, such as past planning assumptions and outcomes, current statistics and trends, and goals for the next 10 years.  Participants were encouraged to express their concerns and provide comments or suggestions for achieving various goals.

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For additional information on these events or on the OSU District Plan, contact David Dodson at 541-737-3503 or by email to

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August 2014 Update

CTAC Kick-off Meeting May 9, 2014
The Community and Technical Advisory Committee (CTAC) Kick-off meeting provided an overview of CTAC roles and responsibilities, meeting schedule and timelines, and an introduction to Kittelson and Associates, the transportation consultants who will provide planning and engineering assistance and facilitate the scenario planning workshops. View Meeting Notes

Scenario Planning Workshop May 20, 2014
The Scenario Planning Workshop for CTAC challenged participants to work in teams to prepare scenarios that represented unique ways in which development and adaptation could occur on the OSU campus over the next ten years.

CTAC Meeting June 12, 2014
Enrollment projections, Planning Scenario Workshop summaries, Committee roles, work schedule and upcoming activities were discussed. View Meeting Notes

CTAC Meeting July 10, 2014
Draft mission, vision and guiding principles; Scenario Planning Workshops update; July work and upcoming activities schedule; and update on the District Plan Newsletter were discussed.  View Meeting Notes