We are honored to have Dr. Zabriskie as our Winter term guest speaker. He will present his research March 10th from 1-1:50 in TYKH 111. 

Dr. Mark T. Zabriskie is the OSU Dean of College of Pharmacy. He will present the following article:

Yin, X., Chen, Y., Zhang, L., Wang, Y., & Zabriskie, T. M. (2010). Enduracidin Analogues with Altered Halogenation Patterns Produced by Genetically Engineered Strains of Streptomyces fungicidicus. Journal of Natural Products,73(4), 583-589. doi:10.1021/np900710q

We look forward to meeting Dr. Zabriskie and hope to see everyone there.


Please join us on March 6th from 1-2pm in TYKH 204 for our next Bioscience Journal Club meeting. Nicole will present the following article:

Discovery of Novel Antimicrobial Peptides from Varanus komodoensis (Komodo Dragon) by Large-Scale Analyses and De-Novo-Assisted Sequencing Using Electron-Transfer Dissociation Mass Spectrometry antimicrobial peptides Barney M. Bishop, Melanie L. Juba, Paul S. Russo, Megan Devine, Stephanie M. Barksdale, Shaylyn Scott, Robert Settlage, Pawel Michalak, Kajal Gupta, Kent Vliet, Joel M. Schnur, and Monique L. van Hoek. Journal of Proteome Research Article ASAP. DOI:10.1021/acs.jproteome.6b00857

Please join us on Feb. 20th from 1-2pm in TYKH 204 for our next Bioscience Journal Club meeting. Molly and Nancy will present the following article:

Kim, Sung Eun, Li Zhang, Kai Ma, Michelle Riegman, Feng Chen, Irina Ingold, Marcus Conrad, Melik Ziya Turker, Minghui Gao, Xuejun Jiang, Sebastien Monette, Mohan Pauliah, Mithat Gonen, Pat Zanzonico, Thomas Quinn, Ulrich Wiesner, Michelle S. Bradbury, and Michael Overholtzer.Ultrasmall nanoparticles induce ferroptosis in nutrient-deprived cancer cells and suppress tumour growth Nature Nanotechnology 11.11 (2016): 977-85. Web.

Please join us February 6th from 1-2pm in TYKH 204 for our next Bioscience Journal Club meeting.

The discussion will be led by Erin and we will be discussing the following article:

The Fusarium graminearum Histone H3 K27 Methyltransferase KMT6 Regulates Development and Expression of Secondary Metabolite Gene Clusters.

Here is a link to the article:



The Bioscience Journal Club is honored to host Dr. Brett Tyler for a presentation on Nov. 14th, in Tykeson Hall, Room 207 12-1p.m.
Dr. Tyler, the director at the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing OSU Corvallis, will be sharing his research regarding oomycetes, a fungus organism that is often pathogenic to plants, and has played a key role in historical events.  We look forward to seeing you all there!
Link to article:
Comparative Genomic Analysis of Phytophthora sojea