API – Academic Programs International – has officially been partnered with OSU since 2005, and over 140 OSU students have studied abroad in eight countries thus far.  All of the API programs are approved at OSU and available to all eligible students.

Academic Programs International (API) is an educational organization dedicated to providing challenging and enriching study abroad programs for our students. The experience of living, interacting and learning in an international environment presents invaluable opportunities for each student’s academic and personal development. All of our academic and extracurricular offerings are selected with the goal of helping students to grow more self-aware and culturally sensitive. We envision each student evolving from a tourist to a resident to a global citizen, and API is dedicated to supporting this lifelong process.

API study abroad

API is committed to providing the best comprehensive study abroad experience possible with personal attention available to our students throughout his or her program, and to working closely with home universities to offer support before, during and after the education abroad experience.

API offers a wide variety of programs in 13 countries, 30 cities across Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Programs range from as short as two weeks, to a summer, term/quarter, semester, or academic year. Students can generally study a foreign language at any level of proficiency, and most programs offer courses in English as well. API also offers various scholarships to eligible and qualified students.

API Gives Back

Each semester, API on-site directors organize an API Gives Back Project to promote greater understanding of local dynamics and provide further insight into the host culture. Projects are often dedicated to supporting those in need or promoting environmental sustainability. For example, students have participated in beach beautification projects in Italy and worked to promote the preservation of salt marshes in Spain. API students in other sites have painted local orphanages, organized theatrical events for seniors and children, and donated their time to support community organizations providing services to disabled children and adults. It is our hope that these experiences will promote integration and intercultural awareness between our students and the host community.

Don’t take our word for it!

If you’d like to speak with someone who recently experienced an API program, consider connecting with an API Peer Mentor, or read student reviews of our programs on Abroad101, GoAbroad.com, and Facebook.

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API study abroad

SIT (School for International Training) study abroad has officially been partnered with OSU since 2006, and OSU students have taken advantage of its programs to study in non-traditional study abroad destinations, such as Bolivia, Madagascar, Mongolia, Nepal, and the Netherlands thus far. All of the SIT programs are approved at OSU and available to all eligible students.

SIT Study Abroad offers unique, field-based opportunities for OSU undergraduates to engage directly with the most critical issues facing our world today.  If you are looking for a way to take your academic training beyond the classroom and you want to see first-hand how different cultures and societies are coping with the realities of the 21st century, then a SIT Study Abroad program is right for you.

With SIT, you will become deeply engaged in a topic, undertake you own research, and perhaps discover a lifelong passion. You will deepen your understanding of your chosen topic by learning from experts, academics, practitioners, families, local organizations, and beyond.

SIT Study Abroad has offered programs for undergraduate students for over 50 years.  To date, more than 25,000 students have participated in SIT programs. SIT currently offers over 70 summer or semester long programs in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, the Pacific, and the Middle East that address these Critical Global Issues:.

All programs are run by Academic Directors who live full-time in the program location and are experts in the field. Each program consists of some combination of the following coursework: Intensive Language Study, a Thematic Seminar on the specific topic of the program, a Field Study Seminar which teaches research methods and ethics, and an Independent Study Project. In a typical semester-long program, Intensive Language Study, Thematic Seminar and Field Study Seminar coursework occurs simultaneously in the first two-thirds of the program, while the Independent Study Project takes place in the last four weeks. Our summer programs use selected elements drawn from this same model.

These are the hallmarks of a SIT Study Abroad Experience:

  • Rigorous academic programs with an interdisciplinary, experiential approach
  • Undergraduate research through an Independent Study Project
  • Cultural immersion through fieldwork, educational excursions, intensive language classes (if in a non-English speaking country), and homestays
  • A small group of 10-30 students in each program
  • A commitment to reciprocity as the foundation of our educational philosophy

The mission of SIT Study Abroad is to prepare students to be interculturally effective leaders, professionals, and citizens. In so doing, SIT fosters a worldwide network of individuals and organizations committed to responsible engagement in a changing world. Come join us!

Connect with students, colleagues, alumni, and friends through our many social networking channels. Learn about the latest program updates, read interviews with current students and alum, watch videos and view photos of our programs. SIT also offers Pell Grant Match scholarships to students who receive Pell grant and participate in targeted programs.