It’s almost midterm time, but don’t forget to schedule some time to plan a costume and purchase candy for the wee trick-or-treaters (and steal a couple Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for yourself).

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Important Dates

  • Oct. 2 – Oct. 15 at 11:55pm: Withdraw from a course with 50% refund (0% refund after this period), W entered on transcript
  • Oct. 5 (due Nov. 1): Tuition bills emailed to ONID accounts
  • Oct. 9: Late class add through petition begins


Health Professions Week

Health Professions Week (HPW) is an unique opportunity for students interested in a career in the health professions to explore more than 20 diverse, rewarding professions. By registering, students will have the opportunity to talk with practitioners, hear a keynote address from Dr. Kameron Matthews, discover educational pathways, and have a chance to win prizes like one of five $1,000 educational scholarships from Sallie Mae!
For more information and to register, please visit:

Spring 2018 Nursing Success Seminar

Nursing Success! is a three-day seminar in that provides participants from under-represented groups with the opportunity to explore the nursing profession. Due to the popularity of the summer program, we added a second opportunity for students to participate in this immersive learning experience in January. During the seminar, you will:

  • Have an invaluable learning experience and opportunity to explore the nursing profession
  • Participate in organized lectures covering relevant topics in nursing such as: reducing health disparities, international nursing, and the nursing profession today
  • Learn about the SMU admission process, financial aid, and preparation for the HESI exam
  • Tour and see a demonstration of SMU’s state-of-the-art Health Sciences Simulation Center
  • Meet and speak with SMU nursing students, faculty, and university staff

The program is open to students interested in the BSN, ABSN, or ELMSN programs.

For more information and to apply, please visit: Nursing Success.

Next Great Start-Up

This new competition wants you and your team to apply with an entrepreneurial or research idea.

For more information, please visit: Next Great Start-Up.

Education Opportunities Program: Tutoring Hours

EOP has updated its Fall 2017 tutoring hours.

For more information and to see which courses EOP tutors, please visit: EOP Tutoring Hours.

UMBC Graduate School

The University of Maryland is looking for qualified applicants for their Applied Developmental Psychology (ADP) program. In addition to getting a solid foundation in developmental theories and processes, students can emphasize one of three contexts of inquiry: Early Development/Early Intervention, Socioemotional Development of Children, or Educational Contexts of Development.
Graduates of the program will have the knowledge and skill to conduct research and work in jobs focused on child, family, and school well-being, particularly in inner-city, lower-income, cultural minority and cross-cultural contexts. Graduates have taken jobs in traditional academic settings and worked in more applied settings, conducting evaluations of programs, analyzing public policies, and designing interventions for children and their families.
For more information, please visit: Applied Developmental Psychology

Fall 2017 Career Events for Students:

Career Expo Events
Other Fall Career Events


Do you know your Advisor?

Need help finding your assigned advisor? Check your MyDegrees student degree checklist in the Assigned Advisor block, or call the Office of Student Success at 541-737-8900.

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