It’s Week Five, and this Friday marks the halfway point for the term! Keep working hard on those midterms, because Winter Break is in sight!

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Important Dates

  • Oct. 16- Nov. 9 at 5pm : Withdraw from a course with 0% refund, W entered on transcript
  • Oct. 5 (due Nov. 1): Tuition bills emailed to ONID accounts
  • Oct. 9: Late class add through petition begins
  • Nov. 9 at 5pm: Last day to change to/from S/U grading
  • Nov. 9 at 11:55pm: Last day to withdraw from a course by Web
  • Nov. 10: Veteran’s Day observed, no classes, OSS closed


First Year Students: Requirements for Winter Registration PIN

All First-Year students are required to make a 25-minute appointment with their assigned academic advisor in order to receive their Registration PIN for Winter Term courses.

Annual Fall Conference: Health Reform’s Impact on Oral Health

The Oregon Oral Health Coalition (OrOHC) opened student registration for their 12th Annual Fall Conference on November 17. The $185 registration fee is discounted $120 for students, so the registration amount is $65, which includes parking and lunch. This is a great opportunity to network with health professionals in Oregon. Join to learn how the ever-evolving industry of healthcare is affecting policy, system delivery and coverage in oral health. Hear nationally known thought leaders address population health impact and innovative approaches and solutions to this new environment. Students can learn about expanding workforce career opportunities by visiting the website. Students must also register with their school email and the code STUDENT to receive the discount.

For more information and to apply, please visit: Annual Oral Fall Conference.

Free Online “Teach-Out” about Sleep Deprivation, and What to Do about It

The University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center is excited to announce that a new Teach-Out, Sleep Deprivation: Habits, Solutions, and Strategieswill begin on Monday, October 23. This free, online event is open to participants around the world, free of charge. 

Participants will:

●      Learn how sleep works, why it is important, and what bad sleep habits are

●      Hear solutions you can start immediately to sleep better for the rest of your life

●      Understand strategies to help family and friends improve their sleep

●      Learn to advocate for the sleep health of your community

Haunted Memorial Union Volunteers!

Oregon State University Program Council is throwing the annual Haunted MU, and we are looking for volunteers to help staff the event. If you are interested in scaring your peers and friends, this opportunity is for you! All volunteers for the 30th and 31st will receive a scary, theatrical makeover from the OSU theater department! The registration link closes Monday, October 23!

To register, please visit: Haunted MU.

Update on URAP

The College Undergraduate Research Awards Program (URAP) will not be offered in 2017-18. The College is developing a new undergraduate research initiative for later this year.  Students involved in the program will have opportunities to explore and be exposed to faculty-mentored research. We anticipate these will be non-credit/non-stipend activities.  Stay tuned for details.
This academic year, if you would like to apply for a funded, faculty-mentored research experience, visit the OSU Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and the Arts (URSA) web page; look at the Funding Opportunities: URSA Engage and URISC and more.

Do you know your Advisor?

Need help finding your assigned advisor? Check your MyDegrees student degree checklist in the Assigned Advisor block, or call the Office of Student Success at 541-737-8900.

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