Happy Finals Week! Congratulations on making it through another term, Beavs. Have a safe and warm winter break, and don’t forget relax and treat yourself! For those of you graduating this term, CPHHS wishes you the best for your future endeavors ?

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Important Dates

  • Fall Term Finals Week begins: December 3, 2018
  • Fall Term Ends: December 7, 2018
  • Winter Term 2019 begins: January 7, 2019
  • Winter Term Priority Registration Phase 2 ends: January 13, 2019


New Winter 2019 Course Offering for Upper-Level Undergraduate Students

HHS 550: Communicating for Health Policy Impact is a three-credit course being offered Winter 2019, and is open to upper-level undergraduate students (with permission of the course instructor)! This course offers a hands-on opportunity for students to develop and practice skills in message development, data visualization, media interviewing and presenting to policymakers, and  will be valuable for students interested in building marketable skills in communication. Feedback from professionals in the field will help students further hone messaging and delivery skills for compelling and effective communications. The course will be located in Strand Agricultural Hall 200 on Wednesdays from 4-6:50pm. Interested? Contact Professor Marion Ceraso for more information.

Volunteer Opportunity with Oregon Adaptive Sports

Oregon Adaptive Sports (OAS) is an organization that provides outdoor opportunities to individuals with disabilities, and is looking for volunteers at the Hoodoo Ski Area this winter. Applicants must have fairly strong skiing or snowboarding skills, but no other experience is necessary.The OAS winter season at Hoodoo will run from January 11- March 10 on Fridays and Sundays. Volunteers will be required to attend an on-snow training day on 1/4 or 1/6. Transportation to and from Eugene, and carpools to and from Corvallis will be provided. Interested in helping with the snow riding program this year? Fill out a volunteer application on the OAS website, and contact Jonathon Goddard or Lisa Schulte with any questions.   

Volunteer Opportunity with Corvallis Parks and Recreation 

Corvallis Parks and Recreation is looking for volunteer youth basketball coaches! Coaches are needed for the boys and girls teams (grades K-8), and training and practices will begin the week of January 7, 2019. The time commitment will be four hours per week, with one afternoon practice and one game on Saturday through mid March. For more information, contact Recreation Coordinator, Robert Thornberg at 541-754-1706.

Paid Opportunity for Public Health Students

2019.CostaRica.application & BHS 415: One Health in Practice

There is a paid opportunity to go to Costa Rica for the summer of 2019! The program will be 8-10 weeks long, led by Dr. Brianna Beechler. Students should expect to participate for 8-10 weeks (~June 26 – September 1, 2019 ) and during the time, will have the option of several experiences including working with a veterinary clinic in Florencia, San Carlos, a local dairy farm, a local conservation/wildlife facility and a local medical clinic and/or public health office. There will be optional participation with the 10 day OSU veterinary clinic run in the end of August. All students will spend at least 4-5 weeks performing an independent research project on antimicrobial resistance or vector biology created with the assistance of Dr. Brianna Beechler.

During spring-term there will be two required one hour research prep sessions led by Dr. Beechler. These will be planned around participant schedules, but are required for program participation. Undergraduate students are required to enroll in BHS 415 winter term prior to leaving (so this upcoming winter term). At the end of the summer (September) you will be required to submit a 1 page summary of your results from your research experience. These will be presented by the students in a group lunch seminar during the academic year. Students will pay their own travel, housing and food costs, but the coordinator will help arrange all of it. For housing, students should expect a combination of homestays and hostels. They will provide a $2,000 stipend to offset the costs of travel.

Application forms will be due February 15th. Notifications of acceptance will be made by March 1st. Please email applications to Janice Blouse. Interested students can email Dr. Beechler for more information.

Personal Trainer Prep Class

Winter Term, Rec Sports will offer our Personal Trainer Prep, Level 1 class. This class provides foundational knowledge, and teaches participants the foundational skills needed for personal training, specifically: basic anatomy/physiology, motivational interviewing/communication, program design, and teaching and correcting exercises. This class is appropriate for students who have not completed their Anatomy/Physiology series, or who have limited experience with the application of this knowledge. This class provides students the knowledge and skills required for eligibility for an entry-level personal trainer position at Rec Sports (the Fitness Training Specialist position, which provides students experience teaching and leading workouts, performing assessments, and assigns them a peer mentor to shadow and continue to develop skills in program design, while also providing students an understanding of how to apply concepts of anatomy/physiology in a personal training environment.) The level 2 class, which will be offered in the Spring, begins where the level 1 class finishes, and prepares students for more specialized training in the fitness industry, programs and services specific to Recreational Sports at Oregon State, and provides all of the curriculum required for students to pass the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) exam.

The class will run inside Dixon Rec Center, for six weeks, on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:30pm (the lecture component), and on Friday afternoons from 2-5pm (the practical component).

Registration for this class is $125. You can register online or in person at Rec Services (the registration desk on the west side of the building).

If you have more specific questions about the class or curriculum, contact Cathy Sullivan.

For more information, click here!

Public Health Club

The Public Health Club is an academic student-run organization that provides students opportunities to engage in professional and student development activities, community service, and social activities. Meetings are casual and are used as a way to inform members of different opportunities available to them at Oregon State and in the surrounding community. The club meets on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30pm in Waldo 400.

Questions? Contact Club President Gregory Desmond.

Comments, questions, or feedback about the news? Drop us a line at Ask a Peer Advisor.

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