Who’s blogging?

Pat KightPat Kight is Oregon Sea Grant’s webmaster, staff photographer, geek-of-all-trades and social media enthusiast.

A former newspaper and wire service reporter, Pat came to Sea Grant in 1993 as a science writer; in 1994, she build the program’s first Website and never looked back.  A past chair of the national Sea Grant network’s Web working group, she regularly speaks, writes and demonstrates of emerging media and their potential as tools for supporting Sea Grant’s public engagement and marine science education mission; she also follows current research on the evolving use of the Internet and communication technology.

In 2010, for instance, she gathered a group of communicators from across the Sea Grant network to liveblog Sea Grant Week, the program’s national gathering, for those unable to attend; in 2013, she attended ScienceOnline Oceans and continues to collaborate with other science/social media enthusiasts she met there.

Pat has a particular interest in Web standards and accessibility, women in technology, and has served on an OSU task forces on Web accessibility and the status of women.

Practicing what she preaches, Pat  can be found on Google+, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and numerous email forums devoted to topics as varied as computer security and theatrical technology.

On the other hand, she only recently acquired a cell phone, and refuses to give anyone the number.

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