Welcome to a testing ground for the potential of using social media for Oregon Sea Grant’s public science communication and engagement efforts. In addition to writing about the subject, we occasionally use this blog as a place to demonstrate, on a small scale, the potential of such activities as  live-blogging events and meetings.

If you’re a Sea Grant faculty or staff member who’d like to explore the possibilities blogs and other social media can offer for enhancing your own science communication, contact Pat Kight for advice and assistance.

If you’re looking for more general Sea Grant news, please visit Breaking Waves, our newsblog, or one of the other links at the right.

If you’re just interested in the subject, feel free to comment on any post. Be aware that comments are moderated, however, to screen out spam.

Oregon Sea Grant is one of 30 Sea Grant programs across the nation, organized under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and dedicated to supporting an integrated program of research, outreach, and education that help people understand, rationally use, and conserve marine and coastal resources. Our activities respond to the needs of ocean users and act to stimulate the Oregon economy.

For more information, visit our Website at seagrant.oregonstate.edu

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