Filed Under (Examples, Social media, Twitter) by emanuelr on 25-01-2010

If you thought that Facebook or blogs were silly, then Twitter seems even worse! A bunch of people “tweeting” at 140 characters each? And to compress the language further, they speak in a jargon that is full of cute little acronyms.

Twitter_h2oncoastBut tweeting as microblogging is called is important. It is the fastest growing segment of the social media landscape. In a 2008 one month example over 14 million people visited the site, growing it’s hits by 2,565 percent during that period! According to Nelson raitings, the service continues to support over 14 million people worldwide through 2009.

Twitter also allows us to push out information very quickly. It’s much faster than email and can track topics with seemingly lightning speed. For example, someone on the E. coast might track an election result before the W. coast even sees it on their evening news! You can follow your own interests, and those you follow will usually follow you–thus spreading your word.

I use Twitter to promote H2ONCoast and the information that OSG or OSU puts out. It’s a great tool for reaching a wide audience.  For example, I will publish something and post the short “tweet” of the topic to Twitter with a link back to the blog or site. Instantly, you have the potential to bring tens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of eyes to that item.  That’s really powerful.